Reinventing Primetime: Capitalizing on Cross Screen Moments

It is a truism that mobile is changing the way that consumers interact with one another, with content and media, and with the wider world around them.  One particular impact of this massive behavioral shift is to create what the IAB calls a “new prime time.”  Think of prime time in the old media world of television:  those key evening hours when everyone was glued to the set, when brand advertisers knew they could reach their desired audiences with their best and most enticing messages. Today, prime time could be any time, whenever someone finds a spare moment to connect via their smartphone or tablet. 

One way, therefore, to think about the challenges marketers face in the mobile world is that they must master this newly reconfigured prime time, seizing moments when consumers, via whatever screen, are most likely to be interested.

To foster an industry conversation, the IAB convened a Town Hall conversation with members of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and the Sales Executive Council.  This conversation leveraged insights from three mobile leaders:  The New York Times, Facebook, and AOL, to explore this new prime time concept, illuminating for attendees how changing consumer behavior should shape both content and marketing strategies.

This report provides a summary of the major points discussed at the Town Hall meeting, and will hopefully spark further discussion about the mobile and cross-screen world.