Quality Assurance Guidelines Initiative
29 Companies Certified Under Updated Quality Assurance Guidelines,
Ensuring Brand Safety & Combatting Piracy

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The IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) help establish trust between buyers and sellers in a complex and ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem.  It helps promotes the flow of advertising budgets into digital advertising by establishing industry regulation that offers a framework for brand safety.  With more than a million sites that carry advertising and the hundreds of technology vendors, the transaction of ads in the digital advertising ecosystem is complex. Without some framework for common ground, buyers aren’t sure which sellers to trust and sellers have a difficult time trying to prove their integrity.

The program has recently been expanded to include ALL buyers and sellers of advertising including networks and exchanges, premium publishers, supply side platforms (SSPs), demand side platforms (DSPs), marketers, agencies and trading desks.  The program has also been strengthened with the introduction of the option of independent third-party validation of a company’s certification to create a new level of trust in the marketplace.  It has also been updated to reflect video, mobile and programmatic considerations given the increasing importance of these platforms.

Mission of the Quality Assurance Guidelines

The mission of the Quality Assurance Guidelines Program is to reduce friction and foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing clear, common language that describes characteristics of advertising inventory and transactions across the advertising value chain.

The goals of the QAG program are to:

  • Support the information needs of advertising buyers
  • Define a common framework of disclosures that sellers can use across the industry
  • Offer clear language that enables buyers to make informed decisions
  • Review compliance and facilitate the resolution of disputes and complaints.

Value for the Buyer

QAG provides transparency for buyers, enabling them to buy advertising with confidence. QAG was created through joint efforts by buyers and sellers and represents the buyers’ voice to sellers in defining terms for seller disclosure.

Value for the Seller

QAG certification helps sellers demonstrate that they have achieved a new level of excellence in trust, transparency, quality and safety. Doing so makes buying advertising easier, which will increase overall demand for QAG-certified sellers. QAG enables all certified companies in the inventory supply chain to be classified as industry leaders, which clearly distinguishes them from any bad actors.

To learn more about the initiative please contact: [email protected]

Certification can be obtained at two different tiers: self-certification and independent validation certification. A company has the option to choose one tier or the other. The selected method is recorded and displayed on the IAB website below and a different logo is issued to those obtaining the independent validation certification to indicate their higher level of certification.

The following companies are certified under the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines 2.0 Initiative:

Independent Validation Tier

Self-certification Tier

The following companies are currently pending certification under the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines 2.0 Initiative:

QAG Non-compliance and IP Infringement Complaints

QAG Non-compliance Complaints

Companies that voluntarily agree to be certified against these guidelines are providing marketers & agencies with a standardized approach that is designed to make buying easier and to give increased control over where ads are placed. Marketers & Agencies will have greater brand safety assurances that ads will not appear next to content that they decide is inappropriate. Violations should be reported here.

Report a Violation

Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement Complaints

Companies certified against these standards agree to address any Intellectual Property (IP) infringement complaints. Such complaints should be sent to [email protected] and the IAB will then direct this complaint to the relevant contact at each QAG participating company.