December 17, 2009
IAB Releases Update to “Digital Video Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines”
December 16, 2009
IAB and 4A’s Release Updated Standard Terms and Conditions for the Interactive Industry
December 3, 2009
IAB Launches “Privacy Matters,” Its First-Ever Consumer Education Campaign
November 24, 2009
Q3 ’09 Internet Advertising Revenues, at Nearly $5.5 Billion, Show Slight Increase Over Q2
November 16, 2009
IAB Releases 2009 Update to Ad Unit Guidelines
November 16, 2009
IAB Releases “VAST 2.0,” Update Streamlines Process of Serving Digital Video, the Next Version of Digital Video Ad Serving Template
November 12, 2009
New IAB and Bain & Company Study Poses New Organizing Model for Online Publishers
November 11, 2009
IAB Provides Marketers and Publishers With Best Practices to Drive Revenue Through Email, Releases “Email Monetization Strategies”
October 15, 2009
IAB Calls on FTC to Rescind Blogger Rules; Questions Constitutionality
October 5, 2009
Internet Ad Revenues at $10.9 Billion for First Half of ’09
September 24, 2009
IAB Provides First-Ever Direction to Lead Generation Industry for the Secure Storage of Consumer Data
September 22, 2009
IAB Announces Winners of MIXX Awards 2009, Celebrates Creativity in Interactive Advertising
September 21, 2009
IAB Releases Final In-Game Advertising Measurement Guidelines
September 21, 2009
IAB Advances its Commitment to Growth of Digital Video, Releases “Long Form Video Overview"
September 20, 2009
IAB MIXX 2009 Kicks Off With a Fervent Celebration Of Creativity In Interactive Advertising
September 14, 2009
MIXX Awards Finalists Announced
August 5, 2009
MIXX 2009 to Showcase Powerful Roster of the Best Minds Fueling Interactive's Creative Revolution
July 27, 2009
IAB MIXX Awards 2009 to be Selected by a Who’s Who of Marketers, Agencies & Publishers
July 23, 2009
IAB Commends First Media Companies on Passing Audits for Standardizing Click Measurement
July 13, 2009
IAB Demystifies Mobile Advertising, Launches First-Ever Mobile Buyer's Guide
July 2, 2009
Key Trade Groups Release Comprehensive Privacy Principles for Use and Collection of Behavioral Data in Online Advertising
June 25, 2009
IAB Elects New Chair, David J. Moore, Chairman & Founder, 24/7 Real Media, and Vice Chair, Neil Ashe, President, CBS Interactive
June 15, 2009
IAB Standardizes In-Game Advertising Measurement, Releases New Guidelines for Public Comment
June 10, 2009
Small Publishers Converge on Washington For IAB Long Tail Alliance Fly-In
June 10, 2009
Ad-Supported Internet Contributes $300 Billion to U.S. Economy, Has Created 3.1 Million U.S. Jobs, Confirms Groundbreaking Study
June 5, 2009
Internet Advertising Revenues at $5.5 Billion in Q1 ’09
May 18, 2009
IAB Advances the Conversation, Releases Social Advertising Best Practices
May 12, 2009
IAB Releases Click Measurement Guidelines, Establishes Parameters for Counting Valid Clicks, Filtering Fraudulent Clicks
May 5, 2009
IAB Brings Clarity and Definition to Social Media Advertising Metrics
April 30, 2009
IAB Launches Impression Exchange Solution
April 30, 2009
IAB to Revise Interactive Ad Unit Standards; Brings Together Task Force of Top Talent To Re-Imagine Interactive Advertising
April 20, 2009
IAB Leads Infrastructure Development in Hot Digital Video Market
March 30, 2009
Internet Advertising Revenues Surpass $23 Billion in ’08, Reaching Record High
March 10, 2009
IAB Launches New Certificate in Interactive Advertising
February 26, 2009
IAB Issues Click Measurement Guidelines for Public Comment
February 23, 2009
IAB Issues Audience Reach Measurement Guidelines; Standardizes Key Industry Metrics
February 22, 2009
IAB Takes on Creativity in Interactive Marketing Communications, Forms Advertising Agency Advisory Board
February 22, 2009
IAB Launches Task Forces to Tackle Data Ownership and Contracts For Interactive Advertising Sales
February 22, 2009
IAB and 4A’S Announce New Agreements to Simplify Interactive Advertising Operations
February 22, 2009
IAB Announces Annual Sales and Service Excellence Award Winners
February 12, 2009
Key Advertising Groups Committed to Strong Industry Self-Regulation and the Development of Privacy Guidelines for Online Behavioral Advertising Data Use and Collection
February 5, 2009
IAB Advances Effort to Solidify Infrastructure for Digital Video Advertising; Releases Video Player-Ad Interface Definitions for Public Comment
January 13, 2009
Key Advertising Groups to Develop Privacy Guidelines for Online Behavioral Advertising Data Use and Collection