December 23, 2013
Q3 2013 Internet Advertising Revenues Climb To Landmark High Of Nearly $10.7 Billion, Marking 15% Year-Over-Year Growth, According To IAB And PWC
December 12, 2013
First ‘IAB MIXX Awards Insights Report’ Crystallizes What Works and Why in Digital Advertising
December 5, 2013
Best Practices For Reducing Traffic Fraud Risk Unveiled by IAB
December 4, 2013
IAB Releases Native Advertising Playbook To Establish Common Industry Lexicon, Evaluation Framework & Disclosure Principles
November 25, 2013
Mobile To Play A Key Role During Black Friday For Parents Buying Gifts For Their Kids
November 21, 2013
IAB Issues Final Digital Video Rising Stars Style Guide & Technical Specifications To Drive Digital Video Advertising To Scale
November 12, 2013
Digital Media Pioneer Peter Naylor To Serve As First IAB Publisher-in-Residence
November 4, 2013
85% Of Advertisers And 72% Of Publishers Use Programmatic Auction Strategies, According To A New Survey Of Digital Marketing Leaders
October 9, 2013
Internet Ad Revenues At $20.1 Billion Hit Historic High For Half-Year 2013, Up 18% Over Same Time In 2012, According to IAB
September 24, 2013
2013 IAB MIXX Award Winners Announced
September 24, 2013
New IAB Study of 300 Brand Marketers Shows Striking 142% Uptick in Mobile Advertising Budgets Between 2011 and 2013
September 23, 2013
IAB Releases Digital Video Rising Stars Style Guide & Technical Specifications for Public Comment
September 17, 2013
Kurt Andersen, Ken Auletta & Henry Blodget to Headline Special ‘Golden Age of Journalism?’ Roundtable at IAB MIXX Conference on September 23
September 12, 2013
IAB Introduces Digital Ad Operations Certification Program, Establishing First Professional Benchmark in Advertising Technology for Publishers & Ad Agencies
August 19, 2013
Marissa Mayer And Sir Martin Sorrell Join A Powerhouse Lineup Of Speakers At The 2013 IAB MIXX Conference
August 14, 2013
China Emerging As ‘Mobile Only’ In Sharp Contrast To The U.S. Multiscreen Market
August 8, 2013
Digital Content NewFronts Sparking Increased Video Ad Spending, Buyers Say
August 7, 2013
IAB 2013 MIXX Awards Finalists Embody Transformative Creativity and Technology in Digital Marketing
July 25, 2013
IAB Releases Quality Assurance Guidelines 2.0
July 17, 2013
‘Summer Skincare Digital Report’ From IAB & Prosper Insights Reveals That Skincare Enthusiasts Have Stronger Online, Mobile & Digital Video Habits Than Average Consumers
July 15, 2013
White House Praises IAB Efforts To Combat Copyright Piracy & Counterfeiting
July 15, 2013
‘HTML5 For Digital Advertising 1.0’ Issued by IAB to Reduce Operational Costs & Simplify Cross-Screen Ad Creation
July 11, 2013
IAB, MMA and MRC Finalize Measurement Guidelines For ‘Mobile Application’ and ‘Mobile Web’ Advertising
July 9, 2013
Global Mobile Advertising Revenues Surge 82.8% in 2012, Hitting a High of $8.9 Billion (EUR 6.9 Billion)
June 12, 2013
Update to November 2012 MRC Viewable Impression Advisory
June 12, 2013
Brad Brinegar To Chair 2013 IAB MIXX Awards Jury Guiding The Debate Among 31 Top Agency Creatives, Marketers, And Media Experts
June 10, 2013
IAB & Winterberry Group Unveil First-of-its-Kind Report Examining Customer Engagement Strategies in Omnichannel Marketing
June 10, 2013
Mobile Rising Stars Added to IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, to Propel Brand Advertising in Mobile to Scale
June 3, 2013
First Quarter 2013 Internet Ad Revenues Set New High, at $9.6 Billion
May 9, 2013
AOL Signs on as First Large-Scale Digital Media Company to Require Entire Sales Team to be Certified Through IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Program
May 6, 2013
IAB Ad Operations Council and Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Release ‘HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0’ for Public Comment
April 29, 2013
45 Million Viewers Per Month Watch Original Professional Digital Video Programming, According to New IAB Research
April 18, 2013
IAB Releases Updated Quality Assurance Guidelines for Public Comment, Evolving Beyond Networks & Exchanges to Encompass All Buyers and Sellers
April 16, 2013
Internet Ad Revenues Again Hit Record-Breaking Double-Digit Annual Growth, Reaching Nearly $37 Billion, a 15% Increase Over 2011’s Landmark Numbers
April 11, 2013
More Than Half of Surveyed Mobile Users Manage Personal Finances on Their Connected Devices, According to Research from IAB, InMobi, & Viggle
April 11, 2013
IAB and MMA Issue ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’ to Reduce Industry Fragmentation and Empower Creatives
March 19, 2013
IAB Issues SafeFrame 1.0 to Address Growing Advertiser, Agency & Publisher Demand for Delivering and Measuring Viewable Impressions
March 12, 2013
IAB Accuses Mozilla of Undermining American Small Business & Consumers’ Control of Their Privacy with Proposed Changes to Firefox
March 6, 2013
IAB, MMA and MRC Unveil “Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines” For Public Comment
February 26, 2013
IAB Study Reveals Mobile Devices to be a Key Driver of Online and Offline Consumer Electronics Spending
February 26, 2013
Microtargeting in Political Ad Campaigns has Mass Appeal for Candidates, According to Post-Election IAB Whitepaper
February 25, 2013
Prominent Digital Creative & Public Relations Agency Leaders Add Their Expertise to IAB Agency Advisory Board
February 25, 2013
Shifting Up to 15% of TV Ad Spend to Online Builds More Effective Reach at a Lower Cost, According to New Research from IAB
February 25, 2013
IAB Unveils Winners of First-Ever Digital Video Rising Stars Competition
February 24, 2013
IAB Spotlights Outstanding Leaders in Interactive Advertising with Its Annual Sales & Service Excellence Awards
February 24, 2013
24/7 Media, About.com & Triad Retail Media Institute Sales Recruitment Preference for Candidates with IAB Digital Media Sales Certification
February 24, 2013
Tremor Video’s Randy Kilgore Selected to Chair IAB Board of Directors
February 24, 2013
850 Interactive Advertising Industry Leaders Convene for the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting
February 1, 2013
UpFront Marketplace for Digital Video Programming to Feature New Content from AOL, Digitas, Google, Hulu, Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo!, As Well As 12 Other Leading Web Publishers
January 28, 2013
Ordering Food Goes Mobile, According to Super Bowl Snacks Research from IAB and Viggle
January 25, 2013
MMA and IAB Release ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’ For Public Comment
January 15, 2013
IAB 2013 Annual Leadership Meeting to Tackle the Complexities of Marrying Big Data with Big Ideas