Training Resources

The IAB has partnered with some of the leading training providers in the interactive marketing and advertising space to provide additional opportunities for professional development. Many of the following providers offer significant discounts to our members — follow the links to access these additional savings:

  1. Academy of Digital Media (formerly The Laredo Group)
  2. Anne Miller/Chiron Associates
  3. The Center for Sales Strategy
  4. Certified Sales Training
  5. Digital Media Training
  6. Digital Professional Institute
  7. Econsultancy
  8. The Knowledge Engineers
  9. UP Business Communications

  • Academy of Digital Media (formerly The Laredo Group) has trained 100,000+ media professionals since 1996 and is dedicated to helping media sellers increase their sales and effectiveness through industry knowledge, best practices, understanding site and technology capabilities, and developing and reinforcing appropriate sales skills. They provide training* in various formats – public seminars, customized in-house corporate training, on-demand or live webinars, or a hybrid of in-person and webinar training. A discounted IAB Certification Sales Training Bundle is offered to prepare for the Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC) Exam. Public seminars, perfect for DMSC Exam preparation, are held regularly in New York City. Interested participants can see upcoming public seminars here or on-demand training courses here.

    For more information, contact [email protected] or call 954.843.9000. IAB members can use Referral Code IABMEM1 for 15% off all Public Seminars or online Webinars. *All courses count towards DMSC eligibility requirements for Options 2 and 3.

  • Anne Miller/Chiron Associates Anne Miller is the author of five books, the newest being “The Tall Lady with the Iceberg,” and has been in the business of coaching for 25 years. Anne supports sales teams, C-suite executives, managers and small business owners with tailored workshops, consulting, private coaching, and customized speeches. Her seminars – tailored for half-day to multiple-day sessions – are designed for participants to rethink the subtle power of language and harness their ability to persuade, explain, sell and inspire others to get the results they want. She also works directly with C-suite and organization leaders by coaching them on how to combine the right presentation strategy with visual language so listeners become engaged and committed to their vision. In addition to seminars and speeches, Anne offers sales mentoring and in-person and online sales coaching. For additional information and offerings, visit
  • The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) The Center for Sales Strategy has specialized in providing talented sales people with the training they need for success in digital media sales, as well as other media and B2B sales for nearly 30 years.  Their digital consultants, trainers and coaches all have real world experience and work with sales people and sales managers daily.  Each member of the team has successfully managed digital sales, sold digital media and managed complex digital campaigns so the guidance they give and training they provide lead to results.  The Center for Sales Strategy offers onsite workshops and online training programs, including one-on-one coaching, covering various topics in digital sales from hiring the right talent to developing integrated solutions to executing a Digital Target Drive. To learn more about their digitals sales training and coaching services, click here.  You can also subscribe free to The Center for Sales Strategy’s Digital Edge blog and other blog postings here.
  • Certified Sales Training Certified Sales Training offers online digital media sales and selling courses that focus on giving sales professionals a holistic look at digital media channels, marketing methodologies and selling best practices being used by effective and successful digital publishers. Subscribers have access to over 50 hours of video lectures, hands-on workshops, quizzes, interviews, webinars and other training resources for a full year at one price. This format allows learners to study and learn at their own convenience and to review content when it is most personally and professionally beneficial. Subscribers looking to sit for the IAB’s Digital Media Sales Certification exam can choose to complete the quizzes that come with each Certified Sales Training lesson in preparation for that exam. Current course outline and listings can be seen here. Certified Sales Training also offers customized live, digital media marketing workshops upon request.
  • Digital Media Training Digital Media Training believes that training and ongoing reinforcement provides companies with the most important competitive advantage. DMTraining provides a unique solution to develop sales and digital media knowledge. Through webinar or customized workshops, their training is aimed to promote confidence in understanding the digital media landscape, cross-platform expertise, leverage marketing channels, improve ability for investment decisions, increase revenues, and improve client relationships. DMTraining can help sales teams and individuals prepare for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification through webinars or customized live-training workshops delivered on-site or at the IAB headquarters in NYC. By reviewing current industry issues, players, and operations, participants gain a broad understanding of every major digital platform (e.g., mobile, tablets, online). In addition, they offer an in-depth training curriculum and pre-examination exercises to help prepare for the test.  Media sellers, marketers and senior executives become more digitally savvy. Click here to register today.

    For additional information, contact [email protected] or call 212.502.3066.
  • Digital Professional Institute The Digital Professional Institute, running global training for corporate companies in all of the digital media, digital marketing and programming areas, has built a customized IAB Digital Media Sales Certification training for 2015. This in-depth training, built from the ground up and updated constantly, will prepare groups of employees and professionals to pass the iAB final exam and to use the very latest digital skills to increase revenue, traffic, and client satisfaction at their respective organizations. This training is taught with a hybrid online/offline model that incorporates four main digital media areas and a "learn by doing" philosophy that has participants breaking into project teams and workshops that will cater to each company's specific training needs. Areas covered include:

• Comprehending the Digital Advertising Ecosystem
• Selling Digital Media
• Managing Digital Advertising Campaigns
• Analyzing Performance

For more details about curriculum, delivery, and pricing options, please email your requests to Sean McClure, Director of Corporate Programs here.

  • Econsultancy Econsultancy provides training to digital novices and experts alike on everything from web analytics and email marketing to social media, PR, and e-commerce. Econsultancy offers corporate sales teams as well as individuals a variety of training programs, workshops and courses across all areas of interactive advertising and commerce. Econsultancy’s content and resources are integrated with the training courses to ensure up-to-date teaching materials. The UK-based digital marketing community and publisher has offices all over the globe and provides independent research, consulting services and worldwide events and training for its member base. For more information on becoming a member or learning more about their one-day courses and custom training programs, visit or email [email protected].

  • The Knowledge Engineers The Knowledge Engineers provides digital skills training for publishers, media owners, agencies and client-side marketers. Owned and operated by media professionals, they offer four distinct training levels – acceleration, practitioner, client master and leadership courses.  Their training approach is customarily public workshops; however, they offer online classrooms, on-demand webinars and an online training platform, as well as regular trends and digital business webinars. In addition, The Knowledge Engineers provides courses geared to prepare students for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam.  For more information, please call 646.701.7046 or email [email protected].