Interactive Television

Updated December 2011

Over the past year Interactive Television (iTV) experienced significant strides. With 75% of US
TV households now exposed to some type of iTV advertising—over 200 million consumers
can now use their TV remote control to engage in a two-way dialogue with brands.
Increased opportunities for rich and immersive iTV are present through telescoping and integration
of co-browsing companion devices such as smartphones and tablets. For the major advertisers already utilizing the
space, iTV advertising is effectively transforming TV into a vehicle of both mass awareness and mass
engagement. Interactive TV enables a total strategy that delivers consumer-initiated engagements,
promotes cross-channel convergence, and drives superior return on investment.

This major revision to the initial iTV Industry Overview, first published in 2010, has been produced in order to:

• Educate interested individuals and enthusiasts on iTV’s definition and value
• Expose and highlight recent industry developments
• Give thoughtful consideration to industry challenges and initiatives chartered to propel iTV
   forward to an increased level of usage and adoption