Understanding IAB Compliance Programs

Consumer privacy legislation and regulation, measurement, brand safety, supply chain efficiency, and transparency and consistency in operation are just some of the significant industry issues addressed by IAB Compliance Programs.

Demonstrate your dedication to a bigger and better interactive advertising industry. Adopt the IAB Compliance Programs that apply to your business. In addition to our mandatory code of conduct for members, the IAB operates three corporate compliance programs:

  • Measurement guidelines, for which companies’ methodologies are audited by a third party
  • Ad standards for creative formats and ad serving, for which companies self-attest
  • Quality assurance guidelines to provide brand safety to advertisers, for which companies self-attest or can be audited

The IAB presents digital advertising professionals with the opportunity to achieve certification of core digital industry knowledge. Get yourself or your team certified through this professional certification program.

To learn more or apply for compliance recognition, please refer to the programs below for further details:

IAB Code of Conduct

A set of best practices and guidelines members must adhere to in order to maintain membership or to join the organization. Currently, this is limited to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. These principles establish a system that provides consumers notice about the use of data and choice about participating in behavioral advertising.

Applies To: Adherence to the Code of Conduct as this is a condition of membership in the IAB. Those members that engage in behavioral advertising need to abide by the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising

Applies To: Measurement guidelines provide a consistent and accurate measurement and count of key online advertising metrics in order to create efficiency and to standardize the buying and selling of interactive advertising. These apply to businesses that engage in the buying and selling of interactive media.

Compliance details:
To become IAB compliant for one or more of these measurement guidelines, please have your auditor submit the audit letter with two primary company contacts listed to [email protected]

Audit letters will be reviewed within 5 business days of submission, and company will be listed on the Compliance List immediately upon acceptance. Audits are valid 1 year from the audit letter date. IAB applies a 90 day grace period from the 1 year mark to receive an audit renewal letter. If the grace period is reached without an audit renewal letter, the company’s instance in the Company Compliance List will automatically be removed from the page.

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Applies To: IAB Creative Ad formats and technical specifications provide consistency in ad formats and delivery methods so the marketplace can realize efficiencies and scale in ad buying, selling and ad creation. These standards apply to publishers, other media sellers and technology vendors.

Compliance details: To become IAB compliant for any of these ad formats or technical standards, activate the button below to launch the Ad Formats & Technical Standards form. In this form, your company may self-attest compliance with each Ad Format and Technical Standards option as appropriate. After submission, you will be prompted to download each Compliance Seal indicated in your self-attestation and your company will be listed on the Compliance List immediately upon receipt.

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Creative Ad Format Compliant Companies

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Technical Specifications Compliant Companies

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IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines

Sets standards in ad sales to protect brand safety by increasing buyer control over ad placement and context

Applies To: Any company that sells inventory in the digital advertising supply chain can apply for certification. Other companies can apply to be supporting members of the Quality Assurance Guidelines

Companies that voluntarily agree to be certified against these guidelines are providing marketers & agencies with a standardized approach that is designed to make buying easier and to give increased control over where ads are placed. Marketers & Agencies will have greater brand safety assurances that ads will not appear next to content that they decide is inappropriate. For more information on the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines, click here.

IAB Professional Certification

IAB Certification programs establish and measure the baseline digital industry knowledge required for digital advertising professionals. Created by industry subject matter experts and a leading test development company, the certification programs are managed by an independent Certification Commission.

For more information on the IAB Professional Certification, click here.