IAB Arena: Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Digital advertising is a complex, vibrant, technology-driven industry that changes every few months. The IAB Arena is simplified representation of the digital advertising ecosystem that illustrates how the different pieces and players work together to create and deliver advertising to consumers, leveraging campaign optimization and measurement for the best results. Read more from Peter Minnium on the IAB blog.

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The IAB Arena depicts the ecosystem in six rings, each representing a distinct activity area that encircle brands, where all actions originate from. Each of these areas is broken down into sub-segments of activity.

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Digital advertising complicated—significantly more so than traditional media such as TV or Radio, but it is not so foreign as to be unrecognizable to the trained marketer. Each additional layer merely adds new capabilities to help agencies, publishers, and marketers apply their skills more effectively, creating new opportunities for brands to reach consumers in more engaging ways.




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