Why Join the IAB
To apply for IAB membership, please contact [email protected]

What the IAB Does

  • Educates marketers and agencies about the benefits and opportunities of interactive advertising to encourage them to allocate more budget to the medium
  • Creates common ground among interactive publishers, marketers and agencies to reduce friction in the marketplace
  • Creates measurement guidelines and creative standards
  • Advocates in Washington on behalf of the interactive industry for supportive regulation and legislation
  • Generates insightful research and thought leadership for the interactive marketplace
  • Creates and promotes best practices that encourage industry growth and operational effectiveness. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Participate with interactive leaders in shaping the industry by serving on committees and councils
  • Collaborate with peers to establish guidelines, standards and best practices
  • Drive industry research and leverage the IAB’s expertise to achieve maximum value
  • Improve the sales professionalism of your organization through support in recruiting, training, retaining and recognizing top interactive professionals
  • Protect your business interests by helping steer IAB public policy efforts
  • Power the growth of the interactive industry 
  • Improve your organization’s operational efficiency

The evidence is in: interactive advertising works and interactive advertising revenues continue to set new records. At the IAB, we are leading the charge to make sure marketers and agency media buyers are well aware of that fact. We are protecting our members’ ability to do business with active public policy lobbying in Washington. We are conducting research our members use in their sales efforts. And, we are providing training for media professionals in the digital age.

Join us as we grow the industry by contacting [email protected].

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