Anti-Fraud Working Group
Understanding Online Traffic Fraud

Without trust between marketers, publishers, consumers, and the multitude of parties in between, the growth of our industry—and by extension all of the monumental innovations our industry supports—is indefinitely debilitated. As IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg said in a powerful call-to-action earlier this year, we need an industry-wide behavior change at an unprecedented scale.
IAB is uniquely positioned to lead this charge. Our members have driven the advancements that created this complex supply chain and can propel the progress that will lift us out of this morass.  Success, however, will require all of you.  Only with the help and dedication of the entire advertising community will we be able to instill confidence in consumers, security in content creators, and better understanding in marketers.
To accomplish this ambitious and essential goal, the IAB is launching a Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative, comprised of 5 distinct objectives:
Eliminate Fraudulent Traffic
Combat Malware
Fight Internet Piracy
Promote Brand Safety through greater Transparency
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The rapid and continued growth of the digital advertising ecosystem has allowed less scrupulous businesses to participate, unnoticed by their partners.  The complex interconnectivity of the ecosystem means that even well-intentioned participants may serve the goals of these unscrupulous ones, feeding money into an infrastructure designed not to deliver the right ad at the right time to the right user, but rather to extract the maximum amount of money from the digital advertising ecosystem, regardless of the presence of an audience.  This outflow of legitimate advertiser dollars to fraudsters results in poor actual ROI for the entire digital advertising ecosystem, reducing the perceived value when compared against other media types.  

This delivery of funding to fraudsters must be stopped, and well-intentioned participants must be given the appropriate tools to understand the variety of situations that they might get into.  By developing technical and business guidance for understanding, discussing, and dealing with unwanted activity, this group will guide the industry into a more efficient and better performing place. 

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Scott Cunningham, VP Tech and Ad Operations, IAB discusses online advertising fraud definitions and next steps.

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