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Iain Tait “We're at a stage now in the industry where digital runs through almost everything...”  
-- Iain Tait, Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Lab

Membership in the IAB will help ensure your knowledge of everything digital. Not only will you be first to hear about new digital trends, knowledge, and research, but you’ll have the opportunity to sit at the table with digital industry thought leaders and have your voice heard to steer conversations around standards, guidelines and best practices.

Membership will also introduce you to partners, clients and experts who can provide advice, insight, and potential new business. These connections can be made at any of our numerous networking events hosted in NYC, and all across the country.

Additionally, the IAB advocates for the digital industry through our Public Policy office, located in Washington DC.  We strive to keep our members informed about important policy-related events through participation in the Public Policy Council and by developing timely issue briefs and legal analysis of key proposals.

Representing over 500 leading digital media companies, linking today’s best practices with tomorrow’s breakthrough channels and marketplaces, the Interactive Advertising Bureau—IAB—is at the center of the digital media universe.

Detailed IAB Benefits

  • Participation in 20 different industry-facing Committees & Councils that create industry standards, guidelines and best practices
  • Networking with 500+ leading media companies who represent our diverse eco-system from the buy to sell side and everything in between
  • Gain access to proprietary industry research from the IAB and our partners
  • Showcase your own research, insights and technology to the membership through webinars, town halls, thought leadership forums, and more
  • Access to Professional Development courses and the Digital Media Sales Certification
  • Full Access and listing within our Member Directory
  • Discounts on Event Attendance & Event Sponsorship
  • Exclusive member-only event invites such as networking receptions and industry leader conferences
  • Post on IAB blog or website
  • Speaking Opportunities at IAB Events both large and small
  • Protect your business interests by helping steer IAB public policy efforts that fight against adverse regulation and legislation
  • Have your finger on the pulse of new measurement initiatives, ad units, technologies, and what competitors and the industry are thinking.

If you’re not already an IAB member, what are you waiting for? The IAB: It’s your seat at the table.

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