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Tablet Creative Showcase

The creative executions below show campaigns who embraced tablet screens, native functionality and interactive formats to deliver immersive brand experiences. You can learn more about ensuring your creative is optimized for delivery across any screen at the IAB Mobile Center's Make Mobile Work page.

Team Detroit and Amobee Bring the Ford F-150 to Life with Innovative 3D Mobile Ad Campaign

Marketer: Ford
Agency: Team Detroit and Amobee
Technology Enablers: Amobee
Active Online: October 2013  January 2014

Team Detroit was tasked with promoting the 2014 Ford F-150 “We Own Work” campaign to build upon 36 years of being America’s top-selling truck. Team Detroit partnered with Amobee to deliver a best-of-breed creative execution on mobile and tablet to drive brand awareness and user engagement with the vehicle.

With this campaign, Team Detroit aimed to push the creative boundaries of what’s possible on mobile. Because the 3D F-150 mobile ad unit was the lead creative unit in the broader F-150 campaign (over traditional ad channels), it was critical that mobile users could interact with the vehicle in as realistic and immersive a form as possible, and were given complete control for a truly personalized brand experience. Using Amobee 3D, the industry’s only three-dimensional mobile advertising platform, Team Detroit had an opportunity to bring the F-150 brand to new levels of engagement by delivering an unforgettable brand experience.

With Amobee 3D, the Ford F-150 ad designers had access to an entirely new creative palette to create the most realistic virtual showroom experience possible. Unlike other rich media technologies, Amobee 3D ads render and calculate colors, lighting and shading in real time based on the mobile users’ actions, allowing them to change colors, and see the vehicle from multiple angles. Amobee 3D mobile ads are packaged in a significantly lighter ad unit than traditional HTML5 ads.

With the added capabilities of Amobee’s industry-leading mobile advertising platform, Team Detroit & Ford identified and targeted key iOS audiences in major US cities at scale.

What made this execution interesting or special? (A couple of bullet points or 2-3 sentences)

This cutting-edge mobile ad unit allowed Ford to tell the complete F-150 brand story in ways not possible before. The Amobee 3D F-150 mobile ad unit features a motion-sensitive banner that expands into a slick, full-screen 3D creative model of the vehicle. Touch-interactivity included the ability to:

  • Change the truck’s exterior color to one of fourteen color options. The color choice is persistent through the ad experience and users can change the color anytime with a simple tap.
  • View the vehicle in four distinct work environments with four separate camera angles to gain a stunning 360-degree view of the F-150. The environments were designed to highlight the F-150’s success in the primary work segments of: heavy construction, heavy hauling, farming, and hazardous materials.
  • See real-time reflections of the surrounding environment in the truck by using the accelerometer of the mobile device.
  • Load the truck bed to showcase the F-150’s heavy-duty payload capacity.
  • View two different in-ad videos showcasing how the F-150 performs in different work environments.

These interactive features fit in with the broader “We Own Work” campaign for the F-150, emphasizing overall brand messaging.


Lexus LS

Marketer: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Publisher / Media Company: Jumptap
Technology Enabler: Celtra
Other relevant participants: none

Active Online: January 7, 2013 – January 27, 2013

Brief Description of Execution:

This expandable rich media ad focused on the process of immaculate craftsmanship, which lasted 38 days for a single vehicle component - a steering wheel. Users navigated through the ad with a natural and intuitive metaphor. With each device rotation, they steered from one manufacturing phase to the next until the final screen, where they could watch a video of the process or tap to visit the Lexus LS website.



Marketer: Emirates
Agency: Starcom Dubai
Publisher: Telegraph and the Independent
Technology Enabler: AdGent Digital

Active Online: June 3 2012 - June 28, 2012

Brief Description of Execution:
The unit allows users to preview a variety of musicians playing different instruments from around the world. After selecting 3 musicians, the user taps the “Create Mix” button and the muscians all play together… in harmony. Emphasizing the Emirates Harmony campaign.


Axe Anarchy: The Graphic Novel

Marketer: Unilever/AXE Deodorant

Agency: BrightLine, with Mindshare, Razorfish, Edelman
Publisher: Telegraph and the Independent
Active Online: February 14, 2012 – April 30, 2012

Brief Description of Execution:
January 2012, AXE launched Anarchy, the first variant with a complimentary scent for Her—across TV, print, digital, interactive TV, and Apple mobile devices.  For the first time ever, AXE targeted guys via iPads.  This required translating a multi-faceted campaign into a vibrant, compact experience in the palm of guys’ hands. AXE leveraged images of voluptuous graphic novel heroines.  Strategically implementing a spectrum of visual techniques and calls-to-action allowed the brand to identify specific elements that increased tapability. The main screen of the iAd evoked a graphic novel, with each panel leading to a different feature.  At any time, users could navigate back to the main screen via a ‘Menu’ button.  Key features of the iAd included: A graphic novel reader designed with the premium functionality of a consumer app, including tap and swipe behaviors and orientation changes to get the best angle on the artwork.  The story was underpinned by a heart-pounding soundtrack that further engaged the reader. The ability to get the entire graphic novel as a PDF, and encouragement to “share the anarchy.” A download wallpaper section leveraged the gyroscope technology that encouraged consumers to perform brand specific moves using their device to receive the downloads. Videos, including the Anarchy TV spot, were available in a gallery within the ad.


BMW for Editions by AOL

Marketer: BMW
Agency (media): Universal McCann
Agency (creative): KBS+P
Publisher: AOL
Technology Enabler: Adjitsu from Cooliris

Active Online: December 1—31, 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
The BMW group teamed up with AOL and Adjitsu from Cooliris to execute the first ad campaign for AOL’s news iPad magazine, Editions. Using an innovative 3D platform from Cooliris, the BMW ad encourages readers to explore the new BMW i8 model by giving users ability to rotate and enlarge the model as well as unveil the carbon fibers built into its exterior (see below for links to experience the ad).

About Editions:
Editions is a free, daily iPad magazine that gives users a highly personalized and curated reading experience. It’s different than the other news-feed apps on the market because the backend algorithm helps curate content that reads you and serves you relevant articles that would normally get lost in the shuffle.


Macys Holiday Look-book

Marketer: Macy's
Agency: Joule
Publisher: InMobi / Sprout Inc.
Technology Enabler: iPad 1 & 2

Active Online: November 24 2011 - December 24, 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
We created a virtual look-book with Macy’s unique imagery and video. Users could swipe through the pages and tap on the stars to get more information, and either find the nearest Macy’s department store to get the look or buy the item directly from the Macy’s mobile store. There was also a social sharing aspect to this campaign where users could either follow them on Twitter or “Like” their Facebook page.


Homeland/Dexter iAd

Marketer: Showtime
Agency: The Visionaire Group
Publisher: OMD

Active Online: Sep. 27, 2011 — Oct. 10, 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
This was an interactive iAd campaign that ran only on the iPad.  For the Homeland portion of the iAd, a user was able to send encrypted e-mail messages to their friends by first typing the message normally and then shaking the iPad to activate encryption.


TWC iPad Redesign Launch

Marketer: Starwood/Westin
Agency: Razorfish
Publisher: The Weather Channel             Technology Enabler: Celtra

Active Online: Oct. 20, 2011 — Dec. 3, 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
After the first year of being in the iPad The Weather Channel with over 6mm downloads was able to garner usage insights based on inventory and consumer feedback.  With that real time intel we were able to completely redesign the App to truly take advantage of all the iPad has to offer... sight, sound and motion!

As we introduced this new experiential application to the marketplace we made it possible for advertisers to have ownership for the first two weeks of our launch.  Westin owned the Current Conditions screen as well as the local screen to welcome consumers as well as showcase their offerings.


Ultimate Problem Solver

Marketer: Qwest
Agency: Media - McKinney Bowen, Creative - The Studio at Condé Nast
Publisher: Condé Nast
Technology Enablers: Condé Nast, Adobe

Active Online: May 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
This Qwest ad that ran in Wired Magazine’s May digital edition was designed to challenge WIRED’s brainiacs with brain teasers. WIRED’s audience is comprised of problem solvers. Incidentally, solving problems (of the business + VOIP network nature) is also what QWEST does best. The team at The Studio at Condé Nast enhanced the puzzle idea to leverage the tablet’s unique functionality: the accelerometer. Upon swiping to the ad, a discrete but instructional headline cued readers to shake the iPad. This movement sparked a gradual collapse of the type on the ad itself—words bumping into other words, letters breaking apart. The font rubble on the bottom of the screen would shift and fall as the reader rotated the device. Until at last, only 5 letters remained (TRENE) next to a form field prompting the reader to unscramble the letters. Puzzle champs typed ENTER into the field and hit SUBMIT to head to the Qwest page where their problem-solving services were outlined in detail.


Lincoln on AP News for iPad

Marketer: Lincoln MKX
Agency: Team Detroit
Publisher: The Associated Press
Technology Enablers: Apple iPad

Active Online: January 1 — March 31, 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
The AP conceived, designed and executed an exclusive 3-month sponsorship of the AP News iPad application for Lincoln’s MKX vehicle. The app’s unique design enabled the AP to showcase the MKZ vehicle to perfectly targeted users  through compelling text, photos and videos that concierged users to an elegant and ultra-engaging landing page. Each ad unit was non-standard in size (which required new artwork from the creative team) and resulted in a campaign looked original, current and unprecedented.

Whether the user was reading articles, viewing full-screen HD photos or watching video, Linclon’s imaging was completely foreground providing maximum exposure and branding. When users tapped the Lincoln logo, they were delivered to the landing page where they could explore, engage and experience Lincoln’s assets.


Pepsi MAX to the Max

Marketer: Pepsi MAX
Agency: TBWA Chiat Day and OMD
Publisher: The Daily
Technology Enablers: Medialets

Active Online: February — June 2011

Brief Description of Execution:
A tap is not a click. A tablet is not a computer. Pepsi MAX is not a typical soft drink. With all of these insights combined, Pepsi MAX and its agency TBWA\Chiat\Day worked with Medialets and The Daily to take full advantage of the visually-driven and interactive nature of the iPad and specifically, the only made-for-tablet daily news platform, The Daily, to execute a truly unique and interactive creative execution for Pepsi MAX. By signing on for a launch sponsorship of The Daily, Pepsi MAX was able to effectively experiment with this over-the-top and all-around fun execution that would resonate with The Daily readers—early adopters and sports-fan tech enthusiasts.