US Hispanic Millennials and Mobile Ethnographic Research Results

IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence engaged Pacific Ethnography to conduct a groundbreaking research initiative into the role mobile devices play in the lives of US Hispanic millennials.  Preliminary findings from the initial, ethnographic phase of the project were released at IAB’s Mobile Marketplace event on April 7, 2014, and the final study, combining qualitative and quantitative findings, was published on November 18, 2014.
While it is common knowledge that Hispanics and Millennials as groups both over-index in their mobile adoption and usage, there has been comparatively little work done to examine the intersection of those groups.  Moreover, purely quantitative research studies can only demonstrate how people use their mobile connections; it requires a qualitative approach to really examine the role these devices play in daily life, and the emotional connections that they create and facilitate with friends, family, and the wider world.
The complete study marries ethnographic research methodologies with survey data to provide a full view of the impact of smartphones in the lives of this first “Mobile First” generation.