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Programmatic: Overview

Programmatic: SalesForce Models

Programmatic: Need for Transparency

Learn about current IAB initiatives in the Programmatic space and the opportunities for members to get involved.

Programmatic buying and selling of advertising, real-time bidding, automation, and the buying and selling of digital media is changing rapidly. Approximately 20% of all digital advertising is sold by one machine talking to another machine—and growing rapidly.

This creates significant opportunity to create efficiencies and new markets—and continue to drive advertising dollars to digital. However, it also raises potential implications and concerns for both the buy and sell-side in the digital advertising ecosystem, including:

  • There is significant confusion in the marketplace over terminology regarding programmatic, RTB, programmatic direct, programmatic premium, and other terms being used interchangeably;
  • Many emerging technologies are creating significant value but there is also a lack of clear technical standards to ensure interoperability across different platforms;
  • Buyers and sellers are concerned with the limited transparency and proliferation of vendors involved in the programmatic transaction; and
  • Programmatic raises internal organizational challenges for publishers, agencies, and brands alike—especially for publishers and their existing direct sales teams in regards to commissions, incentives and training.

To help ensure that programmatic creates value for the entire marketplace and continues to drive advertising dollars to digital, IAB has developed a programmatic agenda focused on  building market clarity and education in the programmatic landscape, and working on solving operational issues.    

  • On the market clarity and education side, IAB is working with the Programmatic Publishers Task Force and Mobile Programmatic Buying Group, to create more marketplace clarity and transparency. In addition, the IAB, in conjunction with The Winterberry Group, is conducting a thought-leadership research study to provide an effective roadmap to “programmatic” capabilities based on surveys and interviews with its members, to be released by the end of 2013.
  • On the technical side, the Digital Advertising Automation Task Force is working to standardize, implement, & support adoption of common datasets for IOs, media plans & invoices. The Open RTB & Exchanges Working Group supports the development of OpenRTB specifications.

IAB Programmatic Activities

Market Education
and Clarity
  • Working with premium publishers to establish market clarity and education around the programmatic ecosystem
  • Conducting thought-leadership research study, with Winterberry Group, to provide an effective roadmap to “programmatic” capabilities
  • Identifying and addressing mobile programmatic issues
Solving Operational Issues
  • Digital automation - standardize, implement, & support adoption of common datasets for IOs, media plans & invoices
  • Open RTB - Supports development of OpenRTB specification
  • Ensure that QA Guidelines reflect updated programmatic disclosures

For more information on the IAB’s work on programmatic marketing, please contact Carl Kalapesi, [email protected] or on Twitter @carlkalapesi