IAB InsightCenter™


The IAB InsightCenter is a free benefit open to IAB Publisher Members only. Please use your IAB login info to access the InsightCenter. (Email [email protected] if you’ve forgotten your info).

What is the IAB InsightCenter?

Prosper Insights & AnalyticsWe’ve developed this tool in conjunction with Prosper Insights in order to give IAB members access to additional research data from the Media Behaviors & Influence study, which is a semi-annual survey of over 19,000 consumers. This data delivers information on where the retail consumer is going along with their intentions, actions, changing behaviors and media influence.

How Do I Use It?

It’s Easy. Login to the IAB InsightCenter using your IAB info. Then select any of the categories or dropdown menu subcategories across the top of the page to view the data. By selecting “Change Segments” (on the top right of the page) you can cross-tab the results with up to three of the five demo segments. You can further customize the data by selecting “Options” (top left corner of each chart) which offers different cuts and presentations of the data (such as by month/YoY/trend, demo segment, frequency, pie/bar chart). Within each chart you can mouse over the title to view the full question text or mouse over a data point in the chart to view the percent value and sample. Finally, you can export the charts by clicking the chart icon (upper right corner of each chart).

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How Can I Get More Information?

To receive more information including how to get more insights or a customized InsightCenter, please fill out this form. You can also contact Chrissy Wissinger at [email protected].