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Stay up to date with the latest data in interactive advertising with research and analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bain, Booz & Company and more.

“Mobile and Money: How Mobile Users Leverage Devices to Manage Finances”

“Big Data and Microtargeted Political Ads in Election 2012: The Challenge Ahead”

“Showrooming: Empowering Consumer Electronics Shoppers”

“Mealtime Goes Mobile: Mobile Screens’ Impact on Ordering Takeout and Delivery”

Political Adverting Goes Digital

“Digital Hispanic Consumer” report, based on data from BIGinsight™

Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem - New IAB Study

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for Full Year 2011

PDFThe Path to Consumer Electronics Purchases

IAB 2011 Year End Internet Audience Trend Report

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

IAB Mobile Sports Savvy Index has Patriots Fans Edging Out Giants Fans in Mobile Device Digital Usage

PDFMobile Shoppers: Ubiquitous Data Spawns Savvier Consumers

State of Mobile Measurement

PDFJWT: An Exploration of Channels

Affluent Consumers in a Digital World

Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising

IAB Best Practices for Conducting Online Ad Effectiveness Research

IAB Mobile Media Survey Report: How are you Selling Mobile Advertising? *Members Only*

PDFAn Inside Look at Demand Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising

IAB Ad IQ Industry Survey

Consumers Driving the Digital Uptake: The Economic Value of Online Advertising-based Services for Consumers

November 2010 Internet Audience Trend Report

An Evaluation of Methods Used to Assess the Effectiveness of Advertising on the Internet

Building Brands Online: An Interactive Advertising Action Plan from Bain & Company

IAB Seller's Guide: Automotive Industry

Economic Value of the Advertising Supported Internet Ecosystem

Bain/IAB Digital Pricing Research

Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010

Industry Stats & Data by eMarketer

2009 IAB Interactive Advertising Outlook Presentation

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